Saturday, September 12, 2009

TGIF . . . . on Thursday

Micro post tonight. I'm not a savvy drinker. My knowledge of wines is embarrassingly as brief as this post, but I've found one drink for adults that I like. And it's an exclusive concoction you can find only at Burton's Grill on Boylston St. in Boston. It's called a "Pinacatini" or more accurately, a Pina Colada Martini. It's got the sweetness of a Pina Colada mixed with the sophistication of a martini. I met some buddies at Burton's last night to unwind and reconnect. And it was the experience of the Pinacatini that I had several months ago that caused me to suggest Burton's as our meeting place so that I could taste another one to see if it was as good as the first time. It was. And the appetizers: risotto fritters, fried calamari, meat rolls, and chicken rangoons (I'm not remembering the exact names, but the descriptives are close enough for you to find them on the menu) provided ample fill for the three of us. The final gustatorial delight was a caramel, heath bar, ice cream, whipped cream crunch that we split with three spoons. Yum!

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