Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow Gremlins on Boylston St. . . .Ugly faces but no traces of snow!

When the parking ban advisary from the Mayor's office arrived as a text message on my cell phone last night, I was sure I'd be hunkering down for the day today after parking my car in one of the local lots that allows Boston residents to park for one dollar during snow emergencies.

Walking back home, I saw these Gremlin entities staring down at me from their granite heights on the Berklee College of Music corner building. The media is filled with snow gremlins who tell us to stay home and sometimes their fearful warnings are accurate. Today turned out to be just another cold New England winter day only I was able to cancel all my appointments, and do my hunkering even without the snow. Nice!


  1. I hope that the gremlins/gargoyles and thin ice soon leaves you and that you will soon be in greener/sunnier and have more creatively friendly symbols come to visit.

  2. Coming to LA to visit son and scope out possible relocation there at least for the dreary winters.
    So nice to hear from you LBR. It's good to know we're fighting what the Buddhists call "fundamental darkness" and that we're not alone in our battles.db