Sunday, September 23, 2012

De Liver de Letter de Sooner de Better . . .

Don't remember where that phrase comes from—somewhere in my past. And not just my past. Bills, junk mail, and catalogs still arrive in the box but letters rarely do for most of us. Snail mail is something we do as a last resort since e-mails, e-vites, and e-greetings have taken their place. Still, hungry mailboxes abound, especially in Fairfax, California where I've been visiting a lot lately. As I walked down the winding streets of this idyllic part of Northern California, these old fashioned mailboxes called out to me. Even if their mouths aren't stuffed as much as they have been in the past, we still need them and always enjoy a handwritten note or letter or card.



  1. These mailboxes are beautiful. Thanks for showing them to us. I don't think I've seen anything like it here in New England, but now I'll keep my eyes open. BTW "Deliver De letter" was a pop song in the 60s, I think. I like the message that these mailboxes deliver: "We are here for a purpose so use us!"

  2. Yes, I remember savoring old love letters over and over again. The crinkle of the onion skin on ones that came from Europe, the stamps, the muscle behind the handwriting, and the quirky spelling that nowadays gets spell-checked, and "fontalized." Still, the electronic ease of e-mail can make contact more frequent and goes a long way in maintaining relationships while finding a stamp and mailbox often leaves good intentions unfulfilled.