Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Continental Shift: Fairfax to Campagnano di Roma

If you're reading this as an email, and don't see lots of pictures, be sure to click on the headline "Continental Shift: Fairfax to Campagnano di Roma" so you can see the blog in its entirety with pictures, etc. And if you want to see the pictures in more detail, be sure to click on each one. Enjoy.
From Saturday in Fairfax— with its Biketoberfest (above) and all things California—I've crossed the continent and then some. Nine hours ahead of my west coast family and friends, I'm now in Italy for a few weeks. My long-time friend, Ira, met me at Fumicino Airport in Rome and drove me to his little town of Campagnano di Roma. I crashed just after midnight, slept almost 10 hours and then needed a three hour nap from which I've just awakened. Here is a view of the surrounding town from the highest elevation.
Some scenes (below) from my walk through the main town, forgetting that at ore 13 (1:00 p.m.) everything closes so people can go home for pranzo and un bel reposo. My lengthy nap was just on schedule.
Oh, how I've missed those terra cotta colored walls!


  1. glad you're there safely. I look forward to lots more pics and updates.



    1. Thanks for leaving a comment, Michael. Can't seem to stop myself from taking pictures of everything and collecting scraps of papers and wrappers for collages. This time, however, since I packed art supplies I'll be making things on site instead of dragging them home as "potential" art.