Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Recycle what you have . . . or what you find

In these stressful times when both money and the courage to spend what little you’ve got are scarce, consider the option of lifting your spirits with a “home lift.” Maybe your place looks tired. Maybe you’ve ignored those clutter corners far too long, or maybe you’re tired of using that chair with the back that feels as though it’s going to come over your shoulder and bite you. You’ve given up buying custom made drapes or reupholstering Aunt Hazel’s chair, but there’s still plenty you can do. Recycle! Renew! The picture with this post is of a very useful ottoman/footstool/table that I found in shreds on the street on trash day and re-upholstered a few days later. In my small urban 390 square ft. condo, this little guy serves multiple functions from impromptu seating to a low slung tray table. "Re-view" means looking at what you've got with new eyes in order to discover the treasures right under your nose.

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