Friday, December 25, 2009

Chirstmas Eve Boston Walk: signs of winter and spring mixed together

Keeping close to home this holiday season, I've been pampering myself with lots of head cold fighting remedies. That and staying horizontal most of the time has gone a long way (I'm hoping) to prevent a major flu/cold event. Still, I answered a bit of cabin fever with a lovely walk yesterday late afternoon and saw plenty of signs of winter mixed in with images that I usually think of as signs of spring. Maybe life's like that: just when we think we know what the script is for something or someone, an unexpected sign crosses our path and we're not sure how to file it away in the stories we tell ourselves. Best stop telling stories and just enjoy the unexpected: pussy willows and robins in early winter, blizzards in the spring. Rather than go on and on with words, I'll show you scenes from yesterday's walk, then get back to another cup of hot lemonade.

These pussy willows were along Huntington Avenue

A very well-fed squirrel in Public Gardens

Amaryllis in bloom all along Prudential mallways

Just before sunset the light painted gold flourishes on all the windows.

Early ice formations along the Charles River paint new patterns for my eyes.

Some Bostonians never pass up an opportunity to celebrate the seasons
with new life for their windows.

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