Monday, December 21, 2009

Winter heart still beating in the least likely places

Before the big snow yesterday, a friend and I found ourselves striding along the heated Prudential mallways to avoid frostbite. All of a sudden this "natural" heart whose shape was forged into the fossilized limestone floors over which I have passed for years and years, now popped into view. Mixed in with the other markings on the stone I had never noticed it before. It got me thinking about frozen hearts, hearts stuck in time, closed off, maybe no longer even beating. But the more I thought about the symbol, the more it reminded me that the universal shape pulsates in our imaginations, even if we think our own hearts will never beat again with the ardor they once did. A stone valentine is still a valentine.

Another unlikely juxtaposition was surely an ice skating rink inside Fenway Park. If I had a press pass or a lottery ticket I would have been able to get a better shot of this. The security guards insisted that I stand outside, behind a crack in the cement that separated inside Fenway from the outside pavement. So from outside, I used my zoom to shoot what I could of the outside sport inside Fenway.

On the walk back from Fenway Park, passing the frozen Muddy River, another strange combination jumped out at us: a smashed guitar just a few blocks from the House of Blues or the Guitar store, who knows how it got there, and did it get thrown there after I took the picture below?

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