Saturday, January 8, 2011

Fearless or Foolish?

In our risk averse lifestyles we look at each other silently assessing. Some risk in business. Some risk in relationships. Some risk by staying locked in to "secure" jobs to avoid the risks that others see as opportunities. It's all very subjective and each of us has his/her own risk threshold. When I was out walking at Eaton Canyon right after our deluge, I saw this dad—two babes in arms—balancing his way across the rapids. I was astounded at what to me was a terrible risk. I could see the toddler heads already smashed pumpkins against the rocks when his foot could so easily slip, or so I thought as I held my breath until he made it to the other side. In my opinion, it was irresponsible foolishness to try such a feat. To him it was whatever it was, not scary. And so we take our steps day after day, never quite knowing if we are being fearless or foolish. And those are words spoken in silence by those who watch. The challenge: is to name the risk, define it—and only each one of us can do that. No one can do it for us. And then, just take the next step!

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  1. some of those crossing are scary! We have done that trail a bunch of times and after the rains it can get treacherous. Risk threshold is an interesting subject too that got me thinking a lot. great stuff!