Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Binky on the mound . . .

. . .mound of clothes, that is. After seeing Capitalism: A Love Story, by Michael Moore at the Kendall, I decided to walk a couple of blocks from the theatre to enhance my continuing, and most recent frugality as I passed through the doors of The Garment District. I'd been there years ago when I lived in Cambridge, but I'd never stopped at the "Dollar-a-Pound" mound where thousands of clothes are tossed every day to be purchased by the pound. Actually, one of my very favorite designer jackets was plucked from such a pile by a close friend who said she could see me in it the moment she saw it. It cost her 50 cents.

At the sight of the mound, I felt a bit squeamish about dropping to my knees to explore what treasures might be hidden below. I checked my bag at the front desk (that's when I met Binky) and dove onto the mound to dig. I found a few small items and a sweet vest for my friend—the same one who bought me the jacket a year ago. I'm going to wash everything first even though each piece of clothing seemed quite clean. Binky tells me that the pile changes every day and that on Saturday it's at its peak. After the dollar-a-pound (it's actually now $1.50 a pound) dive, I stood up and climbed to the second floor to explore some vintage clothes, shoes, and begin my research for a winter coat.

The Garment District will buy some of your clothes outright. You can bring them by appointment or bring them there on Wednesday and Thursday evenings from 4:30 to 7:30. I've got a huge amount of things I just don't wear any longer, so I'm going fill bags and bring them over there in a few days before the rush for Halloween costumes prevents any new acquisitions. Away from the Dollar-a-Pound mound, other corners of the Garment District are crawling with masks, sequins, and every imaginable disguise for the coming holiday.

And speaking of Halloween and all its symbols, I had to include this shot of the heart-stopping full moon I saw on my walk back to Boston from Cambridge across the Mass Ave bridge. This shot doesn't even come close to the power of the moon's glow that pulled me toward it with a magnetism only equaled when one gazes into the eyes of a newly beloved and groin magnets begin to exert their tremendous force.

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