Thursday, October 1, 2009

Where are my gloves?

Yes, it is October One and on my early morning walk, the Charles River blew me its announcement that the long New England winter is on its way. I've been too busy contemplating my navel to actually write a blog about it the last few days so my photos have been in limbo in my iPhoto drawer and may never find their rightful (logical) place in a blog posting. Before this morning's walk I had thought about the headline: "Green: elixr vs. poison" or something along those lines for the photos below. Today's color was anything but green as you can see by my view of the city from the Mass Ave. bridge. It was silver, icy gray. I couldn't photograph the chill for you, especially for my readers in LA. But trust me, I came back rubbing my hands together as I searched for a pair of matching gloves and a hat for my head. Is summer really dead?

Green: Elixir vs. Poison

Clearly an elixir for health, this cocktail of seaweed salad from Typhoon, an Asian fusion restaurant on Boylston Street is the kind of green that saves lives, while the one below, a forgotten corner of the Muddy River where trash is rotting in stagnant green slime we see the poisonous view of the same color. Click on the pictures and you'll see more details.

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