Thursday, October 8, 2009

Fall gold . . . what we see, what we are

On this morning's walk I noticed the random pattern of those maple "helicopters" crowded together with golden leaves and the words, "fall gold" came to me. An apt metaphor for this time of life in my sixties on a day when I'm feeling energetic, hopeful, and strong......knowing full well that it's not a lasting condition and that the ravages of time and gravity are catching up.

That's why I've decided to enjoy the moment, let the fall gold glimmer before my eyes and through my thighs as I walk around the city. I'm also beginning to hatch a scheme (one of my original sayings, "where there's a dream, there's a scheme") to find my way across the Atlantic again in 2010 to return to some of my favorite places, especially in Italy, but also to parts unknown. The ideal departure month is going to be May after the Somerville open studios sale at which I hope to sell a whole new collection of 2-d and 3-d collages I'll be creating from remnants of my earlier travels.

So stay posted about this master plan that is evolving and hope for my sake that the fall gold I'm enjoying right now will carry me forward to make this dream a reality.

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