Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Parting shots of LA . . .

Flying back to Beantown this a.m. with a full head of LA images rattling around just adding to my love affair with this place. Enjoy.

Arts and Crafts details everywhere: pure and simple

Sidewalk succulents

Billboard Abstraction

Altadena's only karaoke bar: Rancho on Lake Ave.

A stranger lurking

Friday, March 26, 2010

Notes from the other coast . . .

Out walking around the Rosebowl public parkways (not sure the official name) yesterday with my son Michael, I was struck by a pattern in nature I'm not likely to post from my usual walks along the Charles. This jaunt is approx 3.5 miles long, circling around a major golf course. Swarms of bicyclists sped past along with many folks just out rambling for some mild exercise. I was somewhere in the middle between a ramble and a jog.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring . . .ahhhhh.....delicious

Finalmente! Spring is here and in usual New England fashion it's sudden. No jackets necessary. Here are the first shots that inspired me after a long silence on this blog.

Shiny motorcylces parked along Boylston St. I remember admiring some a couple of years ago along the boulevard at Revere Beach just around the same time of year but then a day later on April 1, we had a major blizzard.

Eating outside, sun baking our heads. Get out those sun umbrellas!

Walking through the Fens this morning I watched this Canadian goose balance on one leg for such a long time that I began to believe he/she only had one. After what seemed at least two minutes the second leg came down. Yoga isn't just for yogis.