Thursday, April 7, 2011

Math-atomy (Math+Anatomy) at MIT

After LA sun and palm trees, my first Boston walk called for additional layers: headband to cover the ears, extra sweater, scarf. And I needed all of it as I walked across the Mass Ave Bridge today. It still looks like winter here unless I go up close to the bare trees to find with my close up lens a tiny bud that promises more green and warmer weather on its way.

Heading toward Central Square I passed this sculpture composed of math symbols formed together in the shape of a human. An opening in the sculpture—right where the heart might be—allowed me to walk inside the human form and look up through the character shapes at the bright sky. My first big welcome home hug was given by a work of art. It felt good to be back in the city where everyone is out walking, riding bicycles, carrying guitars on their backs. I love the congestion and the pace. And soon, very soon, the wave of our Red Sox nation will be swarming past my Fenway window. As I write this I hear a car alarm vibrating into the night air, a bus snorting out from its stop, a whisper of rubber on asphalt as cars speed along the Mass Pike. A dramatic change from Pasadena. Variety has always enlivened me.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Sunday Jazz at Buster's Coffee House in South Pasadena
I made two trips yesterday to the UPS store to ship back clothes, books, papers, and assorted stuff. Doesn't matter how much I get rid of, I accumulate clutter spores wherever I go. Still, I threw a huge bag of clothes and shoes into one of those giant metal containers along Allen St. I gave up on the few pairs of shoes with higher heels. Not even spikes—just high enough for my ankles to wobble and my toes to scream. I'd dragged them across the country once and they're not going back. They never made it onto my feet for more than a few seconds. Long enough to know I wouldn't be wearing them. Again.

So before I change the blog name from Bluestein Design on California Time back to the original name of Bluestein Design I wanted to show you a few parting shots from my last days in the Pasadena region.

My final visit to the Huntington Library, Galleries, and Botanical Greenhouse garden (some of the images below) got my photographer's brain working overtime. I'm outgrowing this camera. A digital single lens is on the way sooner or later to help me get truer colors and sharper images. But for now, I'll work with what I've got and hope you folks visiting this blog will click on any images you'd like to see in greater detail. If you're reading this through my facebook posting that appears every time I do a blog post, think about visiting the actual blog: to be able to click on the images so that you can see more details. And sign up to be a follower to see what happens in Boston and beyond.

Ubiquitous Birds of Paradise: parking lots, even, these dramatic beauties never cease to stop me in my tracks with their glowing flames and sharp lines.
At Millard Canyon on Friday I took my socks off, sat on a rock and stretched my legs across the stream so that the bottoms of my feet were pounded by the water. My whole body felt refreshed after that acqua massage.
One recent day at the Rose Bowl a swarm of bicyclists buzzed pass me.

Growing wild outside of the Rose Bowl.
I'll miss the great central Pasadena Library.
The colors always shock me and the camera always falls short.
Into my tenth day of a lingering cold, my eye caught this detail on a Target promo poster advertising their pharmacy experts. It's embroidered into the uniform of the touted expert and hardly noticeable to most who drive by, but I was on foot and noticed this and other posters, each with their own embroidered joke detail.
Detail of Pasadena City Hall
Landscape of my writer's life: A to Z and back again. Took this close up at the Apple store while learning more about my camera during my last one-to-one class here.
From the Children's Garden at the Huntington.
More from the Children's Garden at the Huntington. All around this circular fountain, in subtle shades of gray stone, visitors can study the cycles of the moon.
Variety of Camellias at the Huntington.
Do they have these trees in Boston? I don't think so.
Time for me to take aim at the next chapter in my travels. I'm heading back to Boston in a few hours with eyes open and my camera ready to capture a very long awaited New England spring.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

PEOPLE HELPING PEOPLE: MS fundraising walk/Rose Bowl/Pasadena

When I approached the Rose Bowl for my morning walk I was surprised by lines of traffic. I did a U turn to avoid being stuck in my car, then parked several blocks away, curiosity propelling me toward the crowd. The monthly flea market is always the second Sunday so this couldn't be that. First I saw tents and then thousands of folks assembled for the walk for MS. Families of those affected with the disease as well as those suffering from it in varying stages were all there to join the event. It swept me up with that urge to merge with everyone around me. . . and filled me with resolve to look into volunteering once I'm back to Boston.
For some of these Pasadena ladies, Strutters for Change, today was their seventh year of joining the MS walk in honor of their friends with MS.
Walking to support an uncle with MS
Some more scenes from the event: