Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Aesthetics of decay: right under your feet. Some naturally well designed and some a warning to enjoy your breath.

So long since my last posting. I skipped September completely! Have you all given up on me? Famous juggler that I pride myself to be, I dropped several balls of late and have decided instead to spin plates on a stick. In between those feats of extreme balance I take walks and look around.

This morning while walking through the West Roxbury part of Boston my photographer's eye was drawn to the random cracks in concrete...thinking about all the cracks in our lives—as much as we try to keep it all together—form a web of patterns that viewed from a distance can be pleasing.

While looking down for more images I saw a clump of what I thought was dirt but on closer inspection was a decomposing sparrow. No longer breathing. We're all heading to some similar resting place below or above ground so why not make the most of every breath and flap our wings whenever we can. I bought some fresh flowers, something I rarely do.

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