Sunday, April 25, 2010

Taking a break from SOS prep for a walk through Somerville

I've been working for weeks now on a collection art objects that will be on sale and on display at my Somerville studio on May 1 and May 2 from 12-6 pm in honor of SOS (Somerville Open Studios).

The motivating theme for all of the pieces is to to recycle old fabric, art supplies, outdated samples from my interior design library, broken watches, jewelry, and old keys, just to name a few of the many elements that have been retrieved from the dark corners of my drawers and bookshelves. Rather than throwing the stuff out, I've created a series of "mandala mirrors" with this trash to treasure approach. I use 12" x 12" plywood boards with a mirror in the middle and a pattern of objects surrounding it. I begin in the center with a glue gun and work my way meditatively out to the four corners. Karl Jung drew mandalas to get insight into his own problems. The mirror mandala pictured above uses 4 translucent wall panel samples flanked by outdated Formica chips, surrounded by upholstery trimming that never made its way into a pillow business—my last entrepreneurial fiasco.

This morning I took a break from the mirrors to walk toward Ball Square for a fresh cup of coffee at True Grounds. Spectacular blueberry muffins! Here are some scenes along the route from this glorious day.

Summer graffiti on the side of an electric switch box

Our Gentleman of the Recycled Porcelain

An exquisitely square bell tower on a Broadway Church

Monday, April 12, 2010

Return to Boston and signs of spring all around . . .

Burbank to Oakland to Midway (Chicago) to Logan brought me back to a city in bloom.

Here are some images from this morning's Boston walk. Refuse once trapped under the ice is now settled onto the banks of the Charles, but the trees and city gardens are keeping my eyes lifted toward the new beginnings not the dregs of the past.

Looking up, not down, forward, not backward in time: