Sunday, June 30, 2013

Boston Night Riders . . . buck naked!

They left their convening site at Boston Common Band Stand at 10 p.m. tonight, June 29, and hit the road on their Fourth Annual World Naked Bicycle Ride Boston to raise awareness! It worked. I was walking from the Kendall Sq. movie, just in front of MIT on Mass Ave., when a slew of nude cyclists flew by. I fumbled for my camera to catch some skin before they passed.
One guy was on roller blades with all his glory swaying in the evening summer breeze. Amazing the sights one can see for free around Boston and Cambridge!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Somewhere under the rainbow people shine . . .

As I walked home from a meeting on Peterborough Street past the Victory Gardens heading toward the Prudential, the light shining through the rain told me there had to be a rainbow somewhere. Once I hit Boylston Street, there it was, a double rainbow, too. Everyone stopped to record the phenomenon with their smart phones. Everyone smiling, chatting with strangers at the miracle. Happiness everywhere. What is it about a rainbow that makes us all giddy?
If you look closely you can see the second, fainter rainbow arching across the sky.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Proclaim your rarity to the world . . . Gay Pride, Pirate Cruising, or Animé . . . Boston offers a parade of opportunities for self-expression.

The Boston Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence full of Pride.
In spite of the 7-hour power outage that blackened my neighborhood this morning around 3 a.m., I love living on Boylston Street! Even without checking the papers or websites for Boston events—just walking out my front door— I run smack into surprises.
Last month there was the Annual Animé festival where thousands of people dressed up as popular animation characters.
Yesterday I encountered folks preparing for the Gay Pride parade and the Pirate Cruise and Pub Crawl, two events that always happen on the same day every year. Once again, I wanted to show you some of the characters I tend to meet on a weekend amble along Boylston.
But what all of these "characters" have in common is a burning desire to create an alter ego that in some way enables to them to leave the every-day self behind. So much of our lives we do try to fit in, do the right thing, be responsible, and that is all very worthy, but where are the moments of wild abandon when we can find a way to display our creative fireworks and to burn them brightly? Being part of a community, a movement, a parade, a culture that supports that self-expression is what these festivals and exhibitions of inhibitions released are all about. Nurturing our individuality out there in the real world even if it's only one day a year can open up not only ourselves, but the people who come to witness us as we proclaim our rarity to the world.
Characters from ready to join in the gay pride parade.

On her way to the Pirate Cruise and Pub Crawl