Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Not Quite Yoga posture . . .

Here I am at the tail end of my studio purge taking pictures of the last items that still need to find homes. As you can see the mirror above is not longer hanging where it once was and to take the picture I had to sit spread eagle on the floor to take in its 30" width. It's one of those items that keep the phrase "aesthetics of decay" in front of me...not just when I look at myself in this mirror but also when I just look at this mirror's frame and see its scars: chips of the decorative trim that have fallen away. Many times over the years, I've looked at its flaws and thought about how many steps it would take to re-create the missing trim but somehow its flaws never bothered me. Still, I could have matched the color and painted the blank spots to hide them so they wouldn't be so evident. Like make up can sometimes hide the fine lines that cover my face. Not! So this little item will find its way tonight on craigslist and maybe a new home.

On a walk to the local pizza joint that is a few blocks from my Somerville studio, I passed a very elaborate front yard alive with all the symbols of Halloween. This picture is just a tiny corner of the display.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Still breathing!

It's been months since I've attempted a blog entry but my walk this morning stimulated my photographer's eye enough to make me attempt to break the inertia of unblogging. I've been sorting through a lifetime of manuscripts, art work, family photos and ufo's (unfinished objects!) as I close down my huge art studio in Somerville and downsize to a tiny sliver of a room with the saving grace of two huge windows, a radiator, and some electricity. See transformation from storage to office below.