Thursday, July 14, 2016

Gatwick to Pisa to Florence to Perugia to Silvi

Words aren't coming easily tonight, so here are some pictures with captions to get current.

My one souvenir from London—a canvas bag commemorating the Queen's 90th.
My first view of the Arno from the bus from Pisa Airport.
The painterly view of the Umbrian countryside
from my room in Rancolfo.
The castle near Perugia where gifted artists spend six weeks
working on their projects. Civitella Ranieri Foundation.
Vanishing perspective on the tracks in Perugia
waiting for the first of three trains that brought me
to Silvi, a beachfront town on the Adriatic.
View from a beachside restaurant near my hotel in Silvi.

Crowds wait their turn to buy freshly made mozzarella and yogurt
at today's street market. 
A storm threatened but never broke.

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  1. Thanks for the vicarious experience, Deborah. It was wonderful to see the sights!