Thursday, June 18, 2009

Angels among us

The images I'm collecting far exceed the number of entries I'm able to create, but at least that gives me lots of ideas in reserve for those rainy or snowy or sweltering days when going outside is just too daunting and my walk gets replaced by thirty minutes of jumping to music on my mini-trampoline, also known as a rebounder.

The other day I passed a condo building that sits on the corner of Mass Ave and Beacon streets. It used to be a church. Someone with a sense of the divine installed a larger than life-sized angel on one of the parapets (not sure that's the right term). I've walked by that building countless times but only saw the splendid angel for the first time this week.

I'm also including some more doorways and some patterns, too. We had a couple of glorious days that made walking so easy and fun, but the rest of the week is darkening, for sure. At least it's still spring! And life begins anew each spring. Hope springs eternal. And all the rest.

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