Saturday, June 27, 2009

landscapes of sea and glass . . .

What a glorious walk I took yesterday! I even used my sun glasses for the first time in many days.

Down Boylston St., across the Boston Common, past the Old Burying Ground along the Freedom Trail (see Freedom Trail Guide above) on Tremont street, down Bromfield St. to meet a friend who also loves to walk around the city, in fact she walks an hour to work from Cambridge to Bromfield Street twice a day in all kinds of weather.

From Bromfield we walked towards the water and ended up beside the Aquarium and took a public transport boatride to the Charlestown Navy yard stop, walked past a park with one sole bagpipe player practicing his art and on to a restaurant that overlooked the ocean.

We took the 7:45 p.m. boat back to the same wharf and I walked all the way back home to where I live right next to Boylston and Mass ave. Today the sun's out once again but I'm heading to a client's house where I am doing a mammoth decluttering project. One of these months we'll be ready to actually make the place beautiful, but for now we're setting up systems so that he can start his life over from "house shame" to a place where his home is his source of comfort, order, and renewal.

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