Monday, June 22, 2009

Christmas in June?

This morning's walk was a wet one.

One thing about overcast skies, though, the colors you see are so saturated.

The "SMOOT" is a system of measurement someone devised while crossing the Massachusetts Avenue Bridge. Wikepedia says,

The smoot is a nonstandard unit of length created as part of an MIT fraternity prank. It is named after Oliver R. Smoot, a fraternity pledge to Lambda Chi Alpha, who in October 1958 lay on the Harvard Bridge (between Boston and Cambridge, Massachusetts), and was used by his fraternity brothers to measure the length of the bridge."

Wow that was an amazing way to suddenly learn how to have the text linked. This opens up a world of possibilities. But getting back to today's wanderings, you'll see a rust-covered rail which I'd lable "the aesthetics of decay." You'll also see an artificial x-mas tree peeking out of a giant trash bag, hence my title for today's entry: Christmas in June?

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