Thursday, June 11, 2009

Does your resolve dissolve?

September and January are the two times in the year when most people resolve to make changes in their lives, but the day-to-day "must do's" can take over and exhaust you. So how do you keep going when you just don't want to any longer? You think about the long term goal and find a way in the short term to energize yourself. One thing that works for me is to get my body moving first and then my mind will often follow....and then some inspiration will strike and sometimes not.

Getting the body moving for me can mean walking, yoga, dancing, moving around my tiny apartment to the rhythm of Groove Salad which is on on streaming radio. The first step to reaching for that long term goal is to tell the truth. Yes, my resolve is dissolving. Absolutely.

So take a step. Move the body. Fire up those confused and lazy synapses. Today I'm about to head out for a walk. I'll grab the camera, too. I'm not in the mood, especially not in the mood to be writing this entry. . .since I don't have any fresh pictures to show. But I'll put something in, something you haven't seen yet. And then I'll put my shoes on and get myself out the door, hopefully before it starts to rain again. By the way, if you're following this on facebook, you're missing some of the images so go to to see the whole entry.

If you're feeling unmotivated today, put on your coat (yes, I know, we need them today! in June!) and at least walk around the block. Ah, the hibiscus plant/tree a perfect symbol for staying in the day, living one day at a time. Its blossom is the equivalent of a 24-hour clock, which is exactly how long it stays in bloom and then it dies. But there are usually new blossom clocks going off, one after the other so that there's new energy showing up day after day.
Enjoy today's blossom of 24 hours. . . and then let's be grateful that another one will follow this one, we hope. Amen. Awomen!

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