Sunday, June 28, 2009

Cyber Spacetravel, or Cyberspace travel—Whichever one it's fantastic!

Howdy there. I don't usually blog twice a day but these pictures came over the transom via cyberspace and I wanted to share them with you. They're gifts from Phil who visited the Duomo in Milan today. Click your mouse over the pictures so you can travel deeper into the images, enjoying the incredible details of this door. Phil is over 6' tall, so that gives you a good idea about the scale of these monsters! I've been to Milan before and yet I can't believe that I never made to the Duomo. Next trip which will probably happen late this fall or next summer before my frequent flyer miles (I've got enough for a round trip to Italy) expire.
This year I booked a trip for April 16, but had to redeposit the miles back into my account when I realized that I wouldn't have enough cash to get me from the airport to the city and all the other places I wanted to visit including Sicily. So I'm saving up the dollars to partner it with the ticket and hopefully I'll find myself back to the big boot before my FFM evaporate in August 2010.

Enjoy these details via the miracle of cyber space.

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