Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Gray, rainy, but still the colors keep coming . . .

If the light hadn't been so overcast, the colors on the wheels of this bicycle wouldn't have caught my attention the way they did. The yellow and green just jumped out at me and I had to take a picture of it.

This is the inside view of the home behind the chestnut farmhouse door that appears today on the "door of the day" column to the right. It's a house in Umbria Italy where my friend Mimi lives several months of the year when she's not in NYC.

The aesthetics of decay is clearly expressing itself in "A new map of the World," which is what the image of this curbstone with its no parking paint peeling off in the delightful shape of new continents. I'll put that in the right hand column of the blog, too, so it will stay there for a few days longer.

This morning's walk was the mistiest so far. Actually used my umbrella part of the time.
I've decided I want to have several categories of images in the right column of the blog post along side the left column were there will be pictures that relate mostly to the walk. With several friends and family wandering through Europe this summer, I'm going to have a vicarious journey through the images they send me for my blog. The right hand panel of the blog will include:
1. A door a day
2. Today's pattern
3. The aesthetics of decay
(beauty in the crumbling grips of reality)
4. Architectural detail
5. Found Object
If you're reading this on Facebook, the abovementioned categories will only be visible if you actually visit the blog:
Today was another rainy one, but still I found the deeply saturated colors popping out at me.
Crossing the Mass Ave. bridge the whole city slept in shades of gray except for the gold leaf on the state house dome.

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