Saturday, August 8, 2009

Argentinian Beauties in Boston . . .

Today's walk took a new route: over the Massachusetts Avenue bridge, but then I turned left and walked along the river until crossing over the Boston University Bridge, then down Commonwealth Avenue towards Kenmore square and home again. On the way, however, I was drawn into a shop with extremely large and stylish bags that had been calling to me for months every time I drove by the shop, but today I went inside. What I saw exceeded my expectations. These bags are all made in Argentina, some designed by the owner, Eva Barral. The shop—Las Cholas— is right across from Boston University at 708 Commonwealth Avenue. The prices range from $40 to $170, depending upon materials and whether or not the bag is made of 100% leather or a "green leather" composite that is a dead ringer for the real thing. What I liked about these bags was that they are comfortable to throw over the shoulder and to stuff to your heart's content. Some could even pass for an overnight bag for the weekend while during the week would look totally elegant with hardly anything in them. In addition to the bags, Las Cholas has a wide variety of jewelry and accessories like belts and scarves. You will see originals, here, and not knock-offs, so if you're looking for something roomy and elegant at the same time, don't speed by. Walk up the stairs and take a look. The prices are very good. I'll be back soon to give myself a summer gift once those first-of-the-month expenses are paid. Also, if you want to see the bags in greater detail, just click on the pictures and examine the blow up more closely.

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