Saturday, August 8, 2009

While the city breathes some seem not to . . .

Today's walk started at North Station and meandered through the North End, past Haymarket and into the Quincy Market area. Drummers, dancers, and ladies standing very still added to the sense of a city alive and well, breathing in and out the glorious weather today.

Lisa and Cody of the Equal Exchange Café stood outside of North Station offering free samples of today's brew. I'll be back to cross the street and sit down inside the Café at 226 Causeway Street the next time I find myself in the neighborhood, but friends were waiting for me in the North End so I headed over to Endicott Street to meet Nancy and Paulina.

This is Paulina's handcarved front door. Her condo has enormous windows that let in wonderful light but with her solar shades we could see out and no one could see in. Then, we were off through Haymarket and then to Quincy Market where Nancy introduced me to vanilla chai made with soy milk. Creamy and sweet without the lactic attack.

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