Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Omens of the night . . . and surface serenity delights

On my walk to the Kendall Theatre last night to see Paul Giamatti in Cold Souls, I saw this stenciled image that was sprayed on the side of a building on Portland St. Spooky. This kind of anonymous message put out into the ether usually stops me cold and makes me think. I have some others, too—stenciled messages that speak to me from the sidewalks as I walk along.

To return to a former topic, "Energy in Completion," I must report that I did wash that window in my kitchen and then, using all my female enginuity (intuitive engineering) I was able to slide the AC along the floor and somehow lift it into the window. Within moments, the new, cooler air inside my apartment energized me so intensely, that I washed the other windows and re-arranged my entire space. I threw out a bunch of old junk mail that had accumulated and hid things away to create the first steps of organization which I call "surface serenity." Once surfaces are free of piles of magazines, papers, mail, etc., the air is cleaner, my head is clearer and if properly fueled, I can dig deeper to go below the surface and throw out more stuff. As I've said in my article Clutter Kills, clutter is like a virus that hides in those little corners that you overlooked when you thought your place was clean and organized. They patiently grow and multiply, soon to attack your sense of peace only hours or days after you've put your feet up to enjoy the seeming order around you.

My life has been a continuous struggle to make order out of chaos. And the conflict is that making art often means making chaos. With all my supplies and tools around me mid project, order disappears. I can feel myself revving up for some major creative project this fall. My pattern has always been to make order first, so that I can begin with a clean surface ready to receive the next mess.

And getting back to the thought provoking stenciled images above, if you want to see some moving images that will really get you thinking very deep thoughts at the same time that you're laughing, don't miss the movie. I loved it!


  1. Olá, visitei seu blog!
    Gostei muito!
    Grande abraço!

  2. Thanks for your comments, Veronica. I'm haven't even finished editing today's post and there you are!