Friday, August 21, 2009

Energy in completion . . .

The humidity is peaking and I'm almost at the point of putting that old AC into the window. But first, I've got to wash the window. I've been procrastinating about that because I haven't had the energy to do it. Another circle. But today I bought extra paper towels in anticipation of finding the energy to take on the task. Several years ago when I had the drive to network like crazy, I went to a breakfast networking meeting once at week that started at the uncomfortable hour of 7 a.m. I remember someone there waxing rhapsodically about the "energy of completion." I've come to find my best defense against a collapse into a puddle of sweat and surrender during this heat wave is to do some tiny tasks that have been on my list for weeks: make a doctor's appointment for my annual check up, make that print of a photo I promised to a friend three months ago, work on my resume until it's current . . . wash my windows. I haven't got to the windows but I will, I know I will this weekend—heat wave or no heat wave. Those little actions have energized me and moved me forward enough to take on bigger and bigger tasks....but I'm not at the bigger tasks yet, still got to tackle a few more smaller ones, then some medium sized ones, and then, hopefully, the heat wave will be over and I'll have not only an inner momentum from small tasks completed, but also cooler air to move me forward.

Today I discovered the Dana Greenhouse Nursery which is part of the Arnold Arboretum—a local treasure I haven't visited in years. They offer classes to the general public on everything from pruning to raising Bonsai. They have a large wooden gazebo in which are housed some of the most astounding Bonsai I've ever seen. You can't go inside the gazebo, but you can look through the slatted open walls and take in the wonder of these collaborative works that combine the gifts of nature with human artistry to create miniature universes. It reminds me of how a balanced life must include the right combination of delayed gratification mixed with instant gratification. Certainly the Bonsai are in the realm of delayed gratification if one is going to create one from a tiny starter plant. But each day if we do one little small thing on our to-do lists, we get a bit more energy to keep going, and to keep tending to the other parts of our lives, the long term investments we make with our children, our art, our friendships, our health and well being. Enough of that philosophical meandering, it's time for some instant gratification—. J.P. Licks, here I come.

Speaking of those aesthetics of decay.....when instant gratification adds to entropy, here is today's image. It's a close up of the cracked white paint on the cross walk markings on Mass. Ave. Getting to the other side. From inertia to completion. Crossing the street is as good a place as any to start moving a body through space.

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