Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Circles in time and space . . .

Going back in time to those old corner soda shoppe days is pretty easy if you head over to Medford Square and sit yourself down in Colleen's Ice Cream & Soda Shop, 61 High St. Not only is her clock a circle, but so are the home baked cookies and, of course, those round scoops of ice cream made especially for Colleen's. The bright black and white decor has splashes of color. The soup and sandwich combos are great. My longest term friend, Penny—we met in 6th grade in Malden—and I often meet at Colleen's to catch up. We have a history from bicycle rides around the streets of Malden, circling all the way forward in time as we encourage each other in this transitional time of life (we're officially "senior citizens" but that bond that brought us together in the late 50s is as full of laughter as it was back then).

Another circle (below) popped out at me when I was walking yesterday on Arlington Street and saw this simple architectural detail.

And as for circles in the world of flowers, I've got a couple of those, too. The petal span of this pink/lavender colored flower is at least twelve inches! You can't appreciate that without seeing it in relation to the other flowers in the garden of the Old South Church on the corner of Boylston and Dartmouth Streets.

And here are a couple more circles—on the segue (sp?) that caught my eye.

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