Friday, August 21, 2009

Thursday's walk . . . a little bit of everything

Don't have an overarching theme today, just some shots as I walked past Fenway Studios, then down Lansdowne Street (which is just across the street from Fenway Park) to the House of Blues to buy a ticket to the Regina Spektor (probably the most brilliant singer songwriter we've had in decades) concert coming up this September. As it turns out, I had to walk to the Orpheum to buy the tickets so it gave me a great excuse to head all the way down Commonwealth Avenue, across the Public Gardens, past the Swan boats, through Boston Commons, crossing Tremont and then to the Orpheum Box Office. The opening collage is a close up of a pole just a few feet down from the House of Blues on Landsdowne St. I couldn't resist including some of the leaf compositions, too. Enjoy.

Along Commonwealth Ave., the small gardens in front of the brownstones are lush with rich colors and textures that delight the eyes and lift the spirits.

And then, Public Gardens and the Swan Boats . . .

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