Saturday, August 15, 2009

Diving Ducks . . . on film and in East Providence on the same day

Little did I know weeks ago when I ordered Winged Migration from Netflix, that on the very day it would arrive, I'd find myself at Two Jerks Pub and Grill in East Providence listening to the Diving Ducks Blues Band. Is that an instance of harmonic convergence or just a funny coincidence? A coincidence that didn't occur to me until sitting down to write tonight's blog entry and remembering a scene from the movie when one particular species of bird dramatically dives beak first into the water after its prey. The Diving Ducks Blues Band, however, has as its motto, "If the river was filled with whiskey . . .I'd be a diving duck."

The ride from Boston to Two Jerks was an easy one: straight down 95 to exit 2A onto 1A south, then right onto Waterman Ave, and there you are. Michael Forstadt and Koby Rosenbaum took over the Two Jerks in the spring of 2009. They increased their beer offerings and brought the live entertainment schedule from two nights to SIX nights - bringing in bands that play the Blues, Motown, R&B, Soul, Rock and Acoustic Rock.

Diving Ducks put on a great show with lead singer Tom wailing on a vast collection of harmonicas and belting out some classic blues arrangements with drummer, lead guitar, bass guitar all jamming together to create a classic blues beat that would have easily got me up on a dance floor if there was one. Pool tables, great burgers, all-you-can-eat popcorn, and a selection of munchies abound.

The play of lights on ceilings and walls kept time with the beat of the music and kept challenging me to find a way to record them. Gotta study that camera manual so that I get some better night shots the next time I'm there. Still I like the light patterns and wanted to share it with you.

And not to forget the diving birds in the movie Winged Migration, if you haven't seen it yet, you must absolutely rent it. I have never been so close to birds in flight. They used fan powered gliders to fly in formation with flocks of geese they "imprinted" from the moment the goslings hatched. Imprinting is a bonding with the first living being the newborn sees and takes that being —bird or human— to be the mother. Many, but not all of the birds in the film were trained to trust their caretakers, to follow them on land and in flight and as a result the perspective we see and feel is one as though we are one of the migrating birds flying over the Sahara or the Arctic circle. If you rent the film, be sure to watch all the special features where you learn how this film was made and how the loving imprinting was done. Patterns of light, patterns of flight, patterns of notes played in the night, it's all connected. A symphony of opportunity plays to us at every moment if we take the time to listen.

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  1. i'm intrigued. i will rent that movie for sure. i'm sure carrie would love it. i'll put it in our netflix cue. lets check out the Diving Ducks next time i'm in town too!