Thursday, July 23, 2009

Body Arts, Body Parts in surprising places

The most interesting thing for me to notice as these blog entries evolve is how seemingly unrelated images can find common themes. The first images are close-ups of actual tattoos on one of my yoga students who happily allowed me to photograph his arm. Art in unexpected places. As you see, this tattoo art by Tony Ciavarro of Stinky Monkey is extremely masterful.

In the shot below, however, you see a couple of people putting their body parts at great risk as they dangle their legs over the edge of a roof on Boylston St.

Continuing on on my evening walk, I encountered yet another body part; this time a chair sculpture in the shape of a hand outside of a shop on Newbury Street.

Tomorrow I'll be up in Gloucester. I'll take my camera with me as usual to see familiar places there with my new blogger's eyes. Until then, enjoy your art wherever you find it.

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