Friday, July 17, 2009

Moving pictures of another kind . . .

Today I rewarded myself with an afternoon movie — Bruno. After a hardworking morning I thought it would be a good idea to laugh and then take a long walk home. Similar to my reaction to Borat, I came away from the movie stunned. I laughed a lot, but still, felt as though I'd been walloped at the same time by the sensation of having my world turned upside down in a way that both entertained and challenged me. Dizzy and dazed, I walked through the Commons, the Public Gardens, along Newbury Street, and up toward my apartment at the beginning of the Fens. Somewhere along the way I became obsessed with the desire to photograph people's feet! I have no idea if this was a reaction to the movie in some strange way. At first, I tried to sneak up with my zoom lens but people walked too fast. Finally, I just asked them if I could photograph their feet and everyone allowed me to. You might need to click on the image to see it better.

The last set of feet I photographed belonged to Breezz, a world traveler in both the geographic and psychic realms. He calls himself Bro Breez, da Mystic. About four years ago, he received the vibration to walk away from everything and do what he calls a "walk of Moses," being led to live his life from his deepest intuitive voice.

He wears a suit that he hand sewed from a gorgeous quilt of fabrics that come from all over the world. He has decorated his walking stick and his small trumpet with significant objects that also have great symbolic meaning for him.

On a mission to live simply, he also creates waterproof bags and pouches out of broken, abandoned umbrella fabric as you can see below. A thoroughly charming guy, I had noticed him before as he sat in deep conversation with friends at the outside patio of the Boylston St. Starbucks, but it wasn't until after seeing Bruno this afternoon that I felt the confidence to ask to take a picture of his shoes, and then to sit down and chat with him. Maybe I was dazed out of my usual shyness by the outrageous verve of Sacha Baron Cohen's fearless character Bruno.

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