Monday, July 20, 2009

Week end update slides into Monday . . .

Pull up your chair, folks, I've got a lot of images to share with you from my walks around Boston and Somerville. You've seen an infinite number of postcards like this one of the Boston skyline on a sunny summer day, but I wanted to show you mine from my walk along Memorial Drive on Saturday.

Here's the door of the MIT boat house. Followed by a close up of some rusty junk that was piled up on a corner of its property. The oxidation gives it a gorgeous patina.

Then walking along the "Salt & Pepper Bridge," (which is really not its accurate name, but its nickname because it has little towers that look like salt and pepper shakers) I took a close up of some peeling paint on the iron trim. This and the shot above both fall into the category of: the aesthetics of decay, a term I try to apply to myself sometimes when I look in the mirror.

As I headed through the Public Gardens and up the Mall of Commonwealth Avenue, I began to notice memorial plaques in the ground in front of trees. Here's one that took my attention enough to want to show it to you.

Sunday night as the sun was setting, my friend Sholeh whose art studio is right next to mine in the Vernon Street Studios in Somerville, led me up to the top of Somerville to Prospect Hill Park where I discovered more plaques and some fascinating local history. The tower was actually a fortress from which was flown a flag of defiance (below).

Here's one of the doors to the tower which is no longer open to the public.
As the sun set, the clouds took on a deep pastel parade of colors, promising the sunny day we've been enjoying today.

On my walk today in the South End, I discovered a great little bakery and sandwich shop on the corner of Appleton and Dartmouth streets. They make their own roasted veggies, soups, and even their own bagels. It was as least as good as the ones I had in Montreal that were made by Fairmont Bagel. Marcy at the Appleton Bakery Cafe (below) filled me in on how to avoid the crowds: 11:30 a.m. to 2:30, the place is swarming, but after 3 you can have a quiet cup of coffee and just catch up with your newspaper reading.

The color scheme of bright chartreuse and orange and white has an energizing and warm rather than enervating effect. I had to include this lovely lady in blue against the other walls. So many hidden little corners of culinary delight in this great walking town of Boston. More to come.

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