Monday, July 27, 2009

A Couple of Jamaica Plain Highlights . . . and a touch of Budapest, too.

Officially part of greater Boston, Jamaica Plain is teeming with great restaurants, a very diverse population, lots of intriguing shops and an urban pulse that still has pockets of quiet residential charm all mixed in. Recently, a visitor to Eliot Street which runs from the Jamaicaway to Centre Street, I took these shots of the Footlight Theatre, the oldest community theatre in the U.S., that has been functioning since 1877.

Across the street from the theatre sits a great stone church with an ancient burial ground.
Here's a shot of its stone clock and bell tower.

Crossing the Atlantic via the internet, here's another door from Phil. It's from an apartment building in Budapest. If you want to devour the details, click on the image so you can see more.

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