Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Doors within doors, countries within countries, and worlds within words

The first image across my cyber transom this morning was from Phil. It's the main entrance to the Antwerp, Belgium train station. As I went on my walk this morning, still in a bit of vacation mentality from Montreal, I started to think about not only the doors within doors of the image above, but the countries represented within this little humble blog of mine. The theme kept playing itself out of how objects, images, experiences, and even words can exist simultaneously on so many levels. Maybe that's what simultaneous universes (given the limits of our perceptions) is really all about.

Then I went into Barnes and Noble to pick up a book they were saving for me only I had waited too many days and it was gone. Still, I meandered back into the Computing section and there were all these familiar words: cake, ruby, java, only they were talking about computer language.

When I was a Bennington student many decades ago, one of my classmates had a mental meltdown when she returned from the library collapsing under the realization that she would never be able to read all those books. I had a similar feeling this morning looking at all those books under the category of "computer languages." Here's a partial list: Java, XML, XSLT, XQuery, Perl, Rails, Python, PHP, MySQL, Apache, Ruby, DOM Scripting, C# in Depth, FLASH, FLEX, Ubuntu, Hadoop, Ajax, JBoss, Groovy, Grails, Wicket, WPF in C#, Fedora, CLojure, Dojo, just to name a few. I didn't have a full meltdown, but I certainly had to see my limitations. I barely understand what "tweeting" is all about! After all that mental strain of the multi-meanings of words within the worlds of computing, I was hungry!

I decided to stay in Vacation mode for one more day and take myself out for lunch. As I walked by Haru, a Japanese restaurant I'd been meaning to try for weeks, I sat myself down under one of their outside umbrellas along Huntington Avenue and had a great re-entry meal: One of their "Lunch Boxes"— by far the very best one I've ever had in Boston.

And for the closing image of the day, we travel across the Atlantic one more time to meditate on this dreamy image that's just arrived from my son Michael from his hotel balcony in Lugano, Switzerland. He's back in LA on break from a six-week European tour with Foreigner before they launch a U.S. one. Still waiting for some pictures from son Aaron who's in Italy and Spain for a holiday. In the meanwhile, I'm eating Japanese in Boston, entering doors in Europe and the interiors of my chattering mind, and traveling through cyberspace wearing Rubies, drinking Java and never more questioning how it all comes together.

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