Thursday, July 9, 2009

City Landscapes, large and small

I've always marveled at how certain shapes and forms in nature repeat themselves whether you're seeing them from great heights or through a magnifying glass. The first city landscapes are merely close-ups of some decomposing walkway stones in front of the Kendall Theatre. The landscape from the airplane comes from Phil as his troupe flies from Germany to Portugal.

Then we've got the very tall grasses that border the Muddy River as it winds through the Fens.

Our solar "flowers," the free internet hookups sponsored by Prius that are growing in front of the Prudential Center, are in good company today with Thursday's Farmers Market. I bought some mozzarella cheese that was made this morning! A few weeks ago I bought smoked bluefish made by Nantucket Wild Gourmet and Smokehouse and today I polished off a variety pack of home baked cookies by Geoff and Drew's that met my monthly quota for sweets.

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