Sunday, July 5, 2009

Speaking of Graffiti . . . .

Declarations of independence certainly include ideas and actions that can run counter to "the norm," and graffiti in the hands of some brave and outrageous souls can shake us up in a powerful way. This raises so many political and moral questions and runs the delicate line between vandalism and art, but there's no denying that some pretty strong artistic talents are at work here. In an effort to protect the artists, I will not identify them, especially in the six-minute video or the images below.

Another form of writing is the gorgeous sky writing that happened yesterday in the skies over the Charles River. Normally very crowd shy, I overcame my aversion to the masses and dove into the cheerful and welcoming throng that vibrated on the Mass Avenue bridge last night to view the beauty of the fireworks display. Yes, there is a part of us that never outgrows our awe and wonder of the beautiful. And I ask you, tell me what you think the difference is between the night writers from Rome in the video and the night writers from the barge on the Charles?

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