Sunday, July 12, 2009

Montreal moments . . .

Bon jour! Enjoying my visit here with my friend David who is immersing himself in his study of the French language this summer (his wall charts of the various forms of the verbs to be and to have) . Walking around the city it seems that Montreal has all the diversity and variety of a big city with what feels like, from my superficial assessment, to have a bit more civilized pace then some other big American cities I've visited. In Boston we have zip car and here they have its equivalent as well as bicycles for rent at self-service kiosks all through the city. Old Montreal was a tourist's dream not unlike Quincy Market is for those visiting Boston . . .that is until the heavens opened up with torrential downpour that caused us, even with umbrellas, to take refuge in the doorway of what turned out to be an outstanding restaurant. I'll tell you its name once I get back to my notes, etc. (here it is: ASZU, 212 rue Notre Dame, ouest, Montreal)

After green tea/cucumber martinis everything that followed was superb (notice the complementary quail egg appetizer) and when we got back out onto the street the rain was light enough for easy walking me back to my room at University Bed and Breakfast, right next to McGill University on Rue Prince Arthur.

Here are some architectural details from the last couple of days and maybe a few more images to come once I get back to Boston and my more reliable internet hookup.

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  1. Love seeing and reading about your Montreal trip. Quelle belle ville.